Budino spring

This spring is located in the north of Chausy District near the village of Budino. It is considered special by all the local dwellers. The spring water seems to be boiling because it is throwing out the fountains of white fine sand. There are more than ten such ‘boiling points’ altogether, some of them are bigger in size, others are smaller, but the most powerful one is always in the center. Some years ago they used to form a cross, that is why the spring is considered a sacred place.

Криница в д. БудиноEven long-term residents do not remember when the spring appeared. But it is known that it attracted people from many miles around. Every Trinity Sunday the spring was decorated with flowers and benches of maples and lime trees. That was a really festive day for women and children from the nearest villages. Then the water was blessed by the men of church and after the ceremony a fair, which was the main trade event of the year, was organized. World War II damaged the spring severely. The log cabin that protected the spring was ruined. Only many years later the local people got together and built a small chapel. The spring didn’t look as magnificent as it used to, though. Then the times came when the state authorities started their struggle against religion and destroyed sacred places and objects. The chapel near the spring was demolished too. The icons and crosses were taken away and destroyed. Once again the local people got together and restored the sacred place. Now the traditions are being renewed. A shed has been built over the spring and people from everywhere come to see this sacred place and get some healing water.