This boulder is a real Stone-Giant. You can find this magic stone in the village of Rusinovka, Chausy District. Local legends say that it used to be located on the wood glade between two villages. In the evening people used to bring flax linen there and in the morning they found beautiful ready-made clothes on the stone. In Belarusian folklore such stones are called Stones-Tailors. Nowadays there are twelve other Stones-Tailors in Belarus, and the thirteenth can be found in Rusinovka. The stone will also impress you with its size — it is more than 3 meters long and wide, 1.5 meter high and weighs more than 24 tons.

In 1990 the stone was dragged to the village of Rusinovka with the help of two tanks, so today it is 3-4 kilometers away from its original place where it performed its magic functions. It was put on a concrete foundation as a monument to the local people who died during World War II. The furrow the stone made served as a new road for the villagers.