Danilkova spring

Ride your bike down the hill, turn and get to the village of Shaperovo in Chausy District.

This is where the famous Danilkova Spring is situated. The village was originally built along a small brook near which there were a lot of springs with crystal-clear water. In the past, when the village was big and many people lived there, there was a spring behind every house. The locals took care of their springs and cleaned them. Nowadays the village is almost empty, and the paths to the springs have run wild. But there is a spring that people from the nearby area are still visiting. They come there to get some water of life. The spring is surrounded by a concrete ring and covered with a triangular lid to protect it from rain-water and natural litter. The water in the spring is surprisingly clear. If you open the lid and look into the water, you will see sand fountains, moving at the spring bottom. The spring seems to be empty. You can hardly notice any water there, to see it you have to look very attentively. The water goes through a special pipe into the nearby brook.