Baikovo springs

You can reach this place of natural forces taking a few roads, and each of them has its own advantages and drawbacks. The first one goes from the village of Petukhovka near Antonovichy. It starts from the hanging bridge across the river Pronya. On the other bank just take the path in the meadows and it will lead you to the springs.

The second and the third roads begin in the same place — come to the village of Vysokoye and go to the village of Novoyegorovka on the left bank of the Pronya River. There just chose either a shadowy sand road through the forest or a twisting road along the bank of the river. All the three roads will lead to Baikovo Springs.

Baikovo Springs is a very special mysterious area which has been attracting people from times immemorial. Many years ago it used to be a site for worshiping natural forces and pagan deities, today Orthodox ceremonies take place here. It used to be the source of healing water, and now many people come here to get some clean fresh water, beside, the locals still know and appreciate its healthful properties.

Baikovo Springs is a Power Place, that is why people do visit it. They come not only from nearby villages, but also from other districts. When the wind is blowing in the surrounding forests, it is calm and windless here. Mosquitos and horseflies seem to be everywhere, but here you will not find a single one. Once there was a storm which blew off the whole pine wood nearby, but here not a single tree fell down. This is a real kingdom of peace and quietness. You will not see any odd objects here. The springs preserved their natural beauty and remained unchanged by the civilization. The only new thing that appeared here is a baptistery.

There are more than 20 springs altogether in this area. Some of them have «a permanent place», others are «wandering». Clean and clear cool water of the springs is collected into two brooks which finally merge together. This powerful stream runs down the hills and falls into the beautiful Pronya River. Walking barefoot in spring brooks is one of the greatest pleasures you can imagine. First you are freezing, but then you feel incredible strength, cheerfulness and energy coming into you. It seems that not water but pure energy is flowing from underneath. This is a sacred place.

The main spring is the only one that is covered with a timber blockhouse built the way our ancestors used to do. You can take some water near the house, but they say that the most useful is the water which came from the seven springs, that is, the water from the brook, where each spring has given some of its Power. Every year people come here on Trinity Sunday. A folk festival «The Green Festive Season» takes place here and the water of the springs is regularly blessed. «The Green Festive Season» festival has become an inter-regional event and singers and dancers from different folk groups regularly meet here.