The Blue spring

«The blue well» — this is what the unique spring, known today as The Blue Spring, used to be called in ancient times. It is worth saying that the old name is more precise. The spring looks like a blue well, vertical and very deep, about 150-200 meters deep, to be more exact.

A monument of nature The Blue Spring is the main tourist attraction of Slavgorod District. Thousands of pilgrims come here with the hope for recovery and spiritual self-perfection. This unique spring is the only spring in Eastern Europe with a powerful stream (about 5 thousand m3 of water a day) moving upwards. There is a brook going from the spring and flowing into the river of Goluba (a tribute of Sozh). It is believed that if you cross the brook three times, you will get cured from all the diseases. The spring water has excellent drinking characteristics and according to the information of the Academy of Science of Belarus can be used as a sample reference for underground waters in terms of purity.

People believe that with God’s help the healing water will cure all the diseases.. When you walk across the spring three times, your body fills with revitalizing energy and the illnesses go away. The water is rather cold. All year round the temperature is about 8 degrees C. Those who get into the water feel sharp pain at first, some people say they don’t feel their feet. You can warm your hands in the water in winter, though.

A lot of legends about the spring exist. Here is one of them.

Once upon a time there lived a girl called Katerina. She fell in love with a strong man Stepan. Then another strong man Mark (everybody was strong in those times, even Katerina) fell in love with Katerina. Stepan also loved her. Both men wanted to marry the beautiful girl. So she decided to make a competition. She gave both men a stone and said she would marry the one who would throw the stone farther. As she loved Stepan and wanted him to win the competition, she gave him a smaller stone. Nevertheless, Mark turned out to be stronger and threw his stone farther. Katerina realized she should not have played games, got very upset, threw herself onto the ground and turned into a blue spring.

Every year on the 14 of August a ceremony of blessing of the water takes place. In 2013 this ceremony was acknowledged to be Intangible Cultural Heritage of Belarus. From 2016 another significant event — Epiphany Day — is organized annually on the 18 of January. The event includes warship service, blessing of the water, elements of paying respect to the Blue Spring and taking an ice plunge. The spring does not get frozen even at very low temperatures.