Memorial Complex in the Village of Lesnaya

The memorial chapel and the monument were erected in the village of Lesnaya to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the Russian victory over the Swedes in the Battle of Lesnaya in 1708.

The Battle of Lesnaya took place on the 28 of September 1708 and was one of the major battles of the Great Northern War. It was a battle between the Russian army commanded by Peter I and Swedish military corps of about 16 thousand men commanded by general Lewenhaupt. The Swedes lost 9 thousand solders, all the artillery arm, unit transport, while the Russian casualties accounted to one thousand men. The Swedes also lost all the food supplies, which stopped them from realizing their plans to move further and conquer Moscow. The victory in the Battle of Lesnaya boosted the morale of the Russian army and helped them believe in themselves. Peter I called the Battle of Lesnaya ‘The Mother of Poltava Battle’.

In 1908 a memorial complex was built here. The complex includes the Chapel of Peter the Apostle designed by the architect A. Gaghen (art nouveau), a monument to commemorate the Russian Army victory (the Russian eagle over the Swedish colors by the sculptor A. Ober) and a marble obelisk on the mass grave. The chapel is a monument of memorial architecture in pseudo-Russian style.